Using SmartCoach Technology

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Efficiency and User-Friendliness

Extremely efficient and user-friendly for planning and monitoring all training sessions of any athlete.

Versatile Integration

One software solution for all training machines, regardless of brand or type, providing consistent metrics across weights, flywheel, and Keiser® exercises.

“Testing without Testing”

Eliminates the need for time-consuming, dedicated periodical test campaigns.

Athlete Engagement

Increases athlete engagement and spurs motivation.


Real-Time Feedback

Allows for immediate decision-making, enhancing performance.

Injury Prevention

Detects any aberrant patterns to prevent injuries.


Data Integration

Training data can be sent to major athlete management software, such as Smartabase and Kinduct, or exported to Excel.

Progress Tracking

Displays athlete/patient evolution over time.


Rehabilitation Tool

An excellent tool for rehabilitation, measuring the work of every repetition.

Scientific Validation

Supported by more than 60 peer-reviewed papers that use and cite our products in their research.

SmartCoach solutions

Cover all the basic and advanced needs for strength training monitoring in different fields of application