Monitoring multiple athletes at once has never been easier

SmartCoach Pro

This is a one-fits-all monitoring solution for gyms with several machines and numerous users training simultaneously. It is meant for tracking training progress and injury recovery e.g. in training centers and sport teams.

The main advantages of using SmartCoach Pro in a gym are:

  • One software for all training machines, any brand, any type
  • Same metrics for any technology: weights, flywheel and Keiser®  exercises
  • Extremely efficient and user-friendly to monitor all training sessions of any athlete
  • “Testing without testing”: no need for time-consuming, dedicated periodical test campaigns
  • Increases engagement and spurs motivation

Measuring is time consuming, which is why it’s only done on occasional tests that miss out on everything in between. Not with SmartCoach Pro. Unlike any other system, it allows tracking each and every training session of all the athletes with an unprecedented degree of detail.

Each training device is equipped with a Bolt Pad, an integrated display and recording unit. It can be used on any equipment type, brand and technology: weights, flywheel devices, and the unique Keiser® pneumatic load machines.

Trainees log in with their personal wristband. Their training schedule is displayed on screen, both the current and the next exercises in the circuit. As soon as they start exercising, metrics are recorded while a real-time feedback guides in achieving the prescribed goal.

Data is stored in a central database and can be accessed later by strength coaches, physios or data analysts from their computer. Through the SmartCoach Desktop software, they can plan training schedules, analyze results and create reports.

Training data can also be sent to major athlete management software, such as Smartabase and Kinduct, or exported to Excel.

SmartCoach Pro is used by some amongst the top athletes and clubs in the world. For smaller installations a dedicated budget-wise solution exists: SmartCoach Pro Mini, limited to maximum three training stations.

Multiple users training at the same time, several machines, different brands and technologies - one solution

All for one, one for all

Same exercise but different machines, different physics, and different type of resistance. And all used in high performance. How can you compare apples with oranges?
SmartCoach Pro uses the same, uniform, science-based metrics for all: force in Newtons, speed in meters/s, power in Watts. So you can track your athletes’ performance objectively across any training devices

Be with the best or stay with the rest

In average, one third of the soccer teams competing in Champions League use SmartCoach Pro. But also NBA clubs, Olympic champions and some amongst the best athletes in many sports.

There must be a reason. Want to be one of them?

Provide your users with an unparalleled experience during their training

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