“You cannot improve what

you cannot measure”

Training Technology

SmartCoach is the one and only solution that can be used to monitor whatever type and brand of strength training device, wherever it’s a weight machine, free weights, a flywheel of any major brand, or the unique Keiser® pneumatic resistance devices. Also, our company has an unique, strong scientific background and validation from more than 50 research articles

Pro solutions

Our flagship product designed for professional sports and rehabilitation It provides comprehensive measurement capabilities for every machine, ensuring consistent metrics and centralized data management.

Pro One

The entry-level PRO solution for monitoring one Keiser Machine, ideal for physiotherapy and personal training.

Pro Mini

Monitor up to 3 machines, with the option to upgrade to Pro Full by adding more machines anytime.

Pro Full

The ultimate solution for monitoring unlimited machines, ideal for professional and large-scale sports and rehab facilities. ‌

Portable solutions

The perfect, versatile solution for monitoring one machine at a time, ideal for personal trainers, physiotherapy centers, and strength coaches, with no need for permanent installation.

Bolt Basic

The ideal entry-level solution for precise weight exercise monitoring. Connects via USB to SmartCoach Desktop software for optimal Force-Velocity profiling.


This linear wire encoder, featuring 3Dcoder™ technology, precisely tracks weight exercises and connects to various devices via USB or Bluetooth for SmartCoach Desktop integration.

Bolt Lite

Ideal for eccentric training, this device, compatible with major flywheel brands, offers inputs for goniometers and force sensors. Seamlessly connects to SmartCoach Desktop for thorough data analysis via USB or Bluetooth.


Our software is a comprehensive tool for planning, exercising, and assessing training performance. With a vast exercise library, real-time feedback, progress analysis, integrated tests, and data export, it enhances every aspect of training. Compatible with Windows and Mac (via virtualization).


Free, entry-level with basic feedback functions, no data collection nor analysis.


Yearly subscription with main options for real-time feedback, data recording, basic analysis and reporting.


Full-featured yearly subscription with all functions, including advanced tests, data export, and more.